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    Rogue One Customs

    Rogue One is probably my favorite movie of the Disney Star Wars era, and it is a shame that only Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor are the only two characters to recieve SA treatment. Since Hasbro isn't going to make them in SA form anytime soon, I've set out on a quest to make them myself. First up are two relatively simple customs, Bodhi Rook, and Jedha Jyn Erso.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathspawn9000 View Post
    Nice work! Care to share recipes?
    Thanks alot!! For Bodhi I based him off of a couple customs of him that I saw on here. I used a Legacy Collection Scanning Crew figure as a base, Rogue One Bodhi Rook basic figure for the head, vest, gun and backpack, and a Indiana Jones Mutt Williams lower legs for the pants over boots look Bodhi has. I took the figure apart via boil and pop, repainted the jumpsuit with a mix of grey and black, repainted his head and hands to match with a mix of medium flesh tone and a dab of brown, and painted the boots a dark brown, gave a coat of testors dullcote, and gave him his vest from the 5 poa figure.

    For Jyn, I used a TBS Jyn Erso as a base, Rogue One Jedha 4 Pack Jyn for her scarf, and TBS Cassian Andor for the arms and jacket under her vest. I boiled and popped her arms, dremeled out the ball socket a bit so the Cassian arms would go in further into the socket. I am not 100 percent pleased with the way the arms are, they stick out a scootch too much for my liking, but I couldn't dremel any deeper into the torso without grinding away the peg holes for the arms.

    For the jacket under her vest, I cut up the jacket to make it narrower around her torso, and her shoulders and underarms, otherwise it would have been way too bulky to fit. I painted it a drab green color, although in the photos it looks like a brighter green than what it is in person. I glued the jacket into the vest, and slipped it on and glued it to the torso at a few spots to keep it from sliding around. Painted her arms with the same green,the stripes with an off white and yellow mix, a coat of testors dullcote on the arms and jacket, and popped the arms into place. I gave her her scarf from the 5 poa Jyn to complete her look.

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