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    Thank you all so much for your interest and compliments. I have a blast building these sets. Aaaand I'm almost done. I made it so that I could finish the interiors the way I started this whole project; with another set of bunks. This time the port bunks. Initially I didn't want to do them for I really didn't see the need, but Utinniii was pretty adamant that I should build them anyway, and I'm glad I listened to him. Sabines Bunk especially was a lot of fun. AND she has a seating area, which gives me plenty options for photography. And with Kanans Bunk I changed things up a bit - I really wasn't in the mood of building another bed, so I build the bunk from the other side and made the wall with the door instead. Combined with the hallway set, that also should give me plenty options.

    Only one thing to build now; the Phantom.

    Come on, hasbro. The house is done, and the family car is on it's way. Give me Zeb already! *shakes fist*
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