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Thread: Guesses for the Next 12" Jumbo

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    What are the production numbers these days vs the early early years? Any info?
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    Its an old, incomplete list, but has several production numers listed. Also, it doesnt state clearly, but the Small Head Han was limited to 500 and Large Head was 2000, making the grand total of 2500.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zepp_Head View Post
    Well prices are going down on some figures from the early days of the line. I saw a small head Han on ebay bidding at about 75. I was going to bid but forgot and when I checked, the price had stayed the same until the end. My point is, it may be possible for late comers to build a good collection at a reasonable price. I had missed several from a few years ago and got them all on ebay and amazon last year for about the original retail. That super sale on the early bird 4 pack would have been a great starting point for someone just discovering these. But I agree the production numbers seem to have gone way down on the jumbos.

    I am new to the Jumbo 12" line and can confirm it is possible to get a start on a decent collection for close to retail. I am up to 8 figures, being selective about about which ones I want, with the average price including shipping being close to the original retail. You have to patient, selective, and also accepting that the clamshell for the cardback and bubble will rarely be 100% mint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zepp_Head View Post
    I thought I read about a scaled up Jabba on the horizon. So I think they may do a few more Jedi palace aliens like Ree Yees and Nikto to go along with him. I hope they do AT-ST driver as he was a favorite of mine as a kid. Also reissue Lando without the painted teeth and white beard Obi-Wan. Lobot, Fu Manchu Bespin Guard, Teebo or Chief Chirpa would be cool. A scaled up Speeder Bike seems do-able, but then I would also want to see them release Luke and Leia with ponchos.
    Jabba would be huge and awesome!
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    I'd like to see them move into the 90's POTF2 line, a jumbo Vader with removable helmet would be awesome. Such great memories of getting him, lots of anticipation to finally get Vader without the helmet. They didn't have the most interesting cards, but it was probably my favorite line. The bounty hunters were nice.

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