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Thread: WTB: Disney Parks 2012 BADs

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    WTB: Disney Parks 2012 BADs

    I'm looking for 2012 series only. Wires on feet, holes in dome. I don't need the hats or the bubble case. Please reply with pics of what you have. Send total shipped price to 63385. Must ship in box, no envelopes.

    If you want to trade, let me know what you are looking for. I have tons of loose figures from SW, LOTR, and Marvel Legends.


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    If you look at my profile page, I have a pic of 2 BAD astromechs under the members gallery pics. If you're interested in either, LMK. Thanks!
    My Feedback: *Attention* My entire remaining ME SW (3.75 and 6 inch scale) collection is up for sale in the Classifieds section of this site. Stop by and pick something up. TVC Barge populace figures etc!

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    Could you share the link to your page?

    my feedback thread

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