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Thread: Star Wars JC-Penny Multi-pack concerns

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    Star Wars JC-Penny Multi-pack concerns

    I was hoping for some help and concerns about a current auction on EBay. A seller with a good reputation is selling a JC-Penny Star Wars 4-pack (923-0889) that includes Princess Leia, Small Head Han Solo, Chewbacca and Jawa.

    The main concerns are of course the small head Han in a SW-b baggie and not it's SW-a bag type.
    Second is the Jawa in SW-b bag seems shorter than the other bag types?
    Third is the Princess Leia is in the SW-d bag.

    I did send the seller a question and his response is below. He was very nice and answered right away. Was just hoping to get some better baggie experts to chime in to my concerns.

    Your previous message
    I was wondering about the small head Han Solo baggie figure. If I bought this set would you allow me to have it graded to verify the bagged Han Solo figure is legitimate? Most all examples are in the SW-a baggie type and usually only in special offer marked vehicle (X-wing and landspeeder).

    New message from: zodcore (2,509)
    Hello thanks for your message. I understand your question and appreciate your concerns. Unfortunately the auction is sold as pictured. I can send some close up pictures of the Han Solo including the sealed baggie ends if that helps. This is truly a rare set and the small head Han is one of the reasons for the higher price. Cheers zodcore

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