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Thread: Small Palitoy MOC find

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    Small Palitoy MOC find

    Found these, first and only MOC find I know of in Finland. Probably overpaid a little but pretty cool find. Cards are more or less warped, Walrus Man and Sandpeople are probably the best. The seller told he bought these himself and they've just sat around and not taken care of very well. There was a "Darth Vader" giving autograps in the store. I'm still missing one of those graphs, Vader(s) toured bigger stores and gave autographs for kids. Anyways, here's some pics, not sure what I have really but a nice lot nonetheless.

    My feedback
    "They're sh*t." - Phil Tippett on Star Wars Blu-rays

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    Great buy & super cool to have Suomi connected MOC stuff for sure!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Great find. Sounds like they were in need of rescue. Love that walrusman.

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    Nice collection!
    I'm looking for vintage weapons and a Wampa MIB!!!!
    Vintage Star Wars Commercials:

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    Very nice. Those 45a's are worth afew quid lol, so you probably haven't overpaid at all
    WTB: Any Palitoy 45a (Bounty Hunter offer), plus Palitoy 12 and 20 backs.
    Also looking for Barada, Warok, Lumat and Luke Stormtrooper POTFs - AFA 85 or better

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    Nice find, congratsand thanks for the share.

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    Thanks guys, the seller has a couple more so hopefully he's willing to sell those.
    My feedback
    "They're sh*t." - Phil Tippett on Star Wars Blu-rays

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    Real nice pick ups!
    Red 5 standing by!

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    Congrats on the very nice find! Awesome looking lot

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