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Thread: ESB Palitoy Unused Sample Cardbacks

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    Amazing!! That 3PO is my favorite

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    Superb Oli! Just loving the Fett and Han!!
    Red 5 standing by!

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    Thanks Jon, must admit it has revived my interest in collecting after selling off my pre production stuff
    WTB: Palitoy ROTJ 65 back Stormtrooper

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    Fascinating, they look to be in excellent condition, can you grade them like Proof Cards?

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    You can certainly grade them. I believe AFA have labelled some unused Palitoy ROTJ cardbacks as proof cards but then again they also label carded samples as miscards so I wouldn’t have great confidence in their choice of labelling. Personally I think proof cards might be a bit of a stretch.

    Whilst they do appear to have a slightly different card stock and finish, I don’t own enough carded 45b figures to be certain it’s not just a minor production variation. Perhaps Jason might know.
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    WTB: Palitoy ROTJ 65 back Stormtrooper

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    An unused Clipper ESB - fantastic!! Wow
    Looking for Darth Vader items from all around the world.
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