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Thread: Attack of the Clones is a great Star Wars movie!

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    I tend to look at the trilogies at subsets without breaking out the individual films. Part of me has hard time putting any of the PT films above the significance of the OT films. For example as whole I'd say enjoyed AOTC more than ROTJ. But how in the world do I put AOTC above the "moments" of ROTJ. Weird, I know.

    The easy answer for me when I asked "list the movies in order of preference" I just say OT, PT, Rogue One, Solo.

    If I really broke it down:
    Rogue One
    (I'd say it's really a three way tie between Solo, TPM and ROTJ. I loved them all but there has to be a bottom of the list).

    It's also difficult for me to say anything bad about TPM - the hype was so much fun, the trailer brought tears and it was just an amazing time.

    I'd say my excitement for TFA was just as high or even more than TPM. Again the trailers were just amazing and I was so happy to have a Star Wars movie in the theater to share with my wife, children and brother. I adored TFA. "Luke Skywalker has vanished..." and the tears were creeping up in my eyes again lol. TLJ killed all of that. The Saga ended with that last beautiful and emotionally moving shot of TFA.

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    I agree it's much easier to separate the ST into individual films. by the end of it, RJ's movie will stick out like a sore thumb. LOL

    when it comes to TPM, I found it hilarious that people were so shocked/annoyed/angry at the "silly" aspects of the film (which had already been established by ROTJ):

    they didn't like the slapstick gungan battle (the slapstick "ewok" battle was worse);
    they didn't like the "Yippee!" (but they accept the Tarzan Yell);
    they didn't like the "blood disease" nature of the force (but they had no problem with "I have it; my father has it; my sister has it, and my great aunt tessie... on my mother's side...")

    ^^the force was ALREADY a blood disease, starting with ROTJ!! LOL!! but, for some reason, nobody noticed (or cared).
    it was almost as if, somehow, ROTj got a "free pass", JUST for being in the same "boxed set" as the original SW!!> LOL

    (read: the "generalizations" go BOTH ways!!) (it somehow gets "lumped" into a category, with the 2 greatest movies of all time...
    ....when it ACTUALLY has MORE in common, with the Much-Maligned TPM!!) LOL [/irony]
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