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Thread: The book is coming!

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    The book is coming!

    Hello there, long time no see This is because I worked hard on the preparations for the book I always dreamed to release. Now that dream comes true. And it was here, on this very forum, where I was encouraged by you all to write more about the figures I love: polish bootleg figures of Kenner originals. The book is on the final stage before release, and lot of friends-collectors will have their contribution in it

    Few days ago I started a campaign on Indiegogo, to raise the funds for proofreading and printing the book. The goal was met in 31 hours! That was amazing. Still, the campaign will last till December 18th and it is the best way to get a copy or maybe an occasional t-shirt, as well as to laugh at my funny accent on the video

    After it ends, the book will be printed. In January I start to ship it to the backers. A wonderful period of my life will be summarized. I am a happy man. Thank you for your support, guys...


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    Thanks for the update Jakub! It sounds like you made it to the end of the long road. Time to stop, look back and appreciate what it all took. I don't even own/ have a bootleg , but this looks like it would be a great addition to read up on, learn more about, and simply get a nice overall base knowledge of bootlegs. I'll bet your level of detail is immense. Maybe after that, I can at least hold a conversation if someone else brings up bootlegs!
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    Thanks for the new update. The book seems great. It is really a useful addition to read.
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    Well done that man !
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    Thanks guys! Now I am excited, negotiating with the printing company. We may expect the release at the end of January or beginning of February
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    Congrats this is being printed. Shame I hadn't checked in on for awhile, I would have jumped at that Golden Snowtrooper perk !!!
    I'm assuming you'll post a link to where we can buy the book once they are ready ??

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    I haven't been on this board lately, so I'm just now seeing this thread. Is there any way I can still order this book? I pitched in for the campaign awhile back when you tried Kickstarter and was sad when it wasn't funded.

    Glad to see it finally funded, but hoping I can still get a copy.

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    Wow! I’m posting on Rebelscum and you’re releasing the 1st bootleg book. 2 things that have taken many years ��
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