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Thread: Altering Niub Niub decals to 1:12

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    Altering Niub Niub decals to 1:12

    Anyone know what percentage the Niub Niub decals have to be enlarged to make them 1:12 (6" black series) scale?

    i don't actually use the decals themselves, I just use them as templates to cut fiamcore and styrene sheets to the correct size and shape, but I've no idea what size to print the originals at in order to enlarge them to black series scale.

    any pointers greatfully received.

    cheers in advance!

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    1:12 to 1:18 (3.75" scale) would be 66 percent (or 62.5 for certain things). So 6" / 3.75" would be 160 percent, or 6" / 4" for 150 percent. I'd say just try printing a doorway first at 150 percent and see how it looks. If it's too small just scale it up to 160. Hope that helps!

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