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Thread: Is "Pre-ordering" worth it anymore, given the never-ending shipping fiasco!

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    Is "Pre-ordering" worth it anymore, given the never-ending shipping fiasco!

    So, like many of you, I just received notifications from Sideshow that both my 1:6 scale Zuckuss and Dengar are shipping on 2/1 and 2/2 respectively. I was expecting the Zuckuss because it said that piece would ship in January. Suddenly, Zuckuss and Dengar are shipping a day apart, with the HT Hoth Leia and possibly the HT Tarkin also shipping in February!

    Given this never-ending shipping abortion that has continued now for more than a half decade, I no longer see the incentive in pre-ordering figures when they go up. Seriously, what's in it for us? Pieces NEVER sell out in the pre-order phase, and it's taking longer and longer for them to fall to the "Waitlist."

    HT Kylo Ren just went to the Waitlist 2-and-a-half years after it was first made available!

    Pre-ordering guarantees you'll get the piece, but when it's ready to ship, it will likely come at the same time 3 or 4 others will be ready to ship, too. If you're a doctor or a CEO, congratulations! You likely have the disposable income to deal with multiple pieces coming through in one calendar month and one credit card cycle.

    For others, like me, I'm done playing that game, and so is my bank acount!!

    Until SSC and/or HT incentivize the pre-order process, beginning now, I will only order 1:6 scale Star Wars pieces when they've begun to ship.

    I'm pretty confident they'll all still be available, and then I won't be locked into Sideshow's crazy shipping schedule!
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    Very well said! I agree 100% with what you are saying. I am a school teacher that has a good living but I am not rolling in money. I am scared to see when these things hit one after the other. I just don't have the money sitting there waiting for these bombs to drop on my credit card. I am no longer going to pre-order anymore.
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    I've cut it down to OT only, they tend to sell out faster...that's a hint HT

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    Living overseas, i abandonned Sideshow direct PO or regular order for a few years and abandooned PO altogether last summer. Last PO were HT Jyn and Sideshow Zuckuss. Past those two, i order when figures become available. But then, it's still a challenge to collect what i like as no less than 4 figures are available within a month (Leia, Tarkin, Zuckuss and Dengar). Glad i saved for those even if i'm still short of a couple hundred $ to buy them all at release.

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    Iím likely facing canceling several orders over the course of the next few months. Iíll order them again on MY shipping terms! What sucks is that SSC gets to keep my NRD!

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    Are you besed in the US? Otherwise, ordering Sideshow direct is pointless. Even if you do live in the US, there are plenty of good alternatives not even mentioning HK sellers.

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    Iím based in the US. Just canít deal with all these preorders piling up all the time! Crazy that Tarkin is already about to be shipped! That piece was supposed to ship July-September of this year! I was more than fine with that. Damn thing is Shipping 6-8 months sooner?? Tarkin is the straw that broke the Camelís back for me! Maybe by the grace of God itíll hold off until March/April, but thatís unlikely now that photos of the finished product have been posted and Iíve seen videos of people opening Tarkin overseas.

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    I agree.. Wasn't expected to get hit this month with 3 items.. I also don't have extra disposable income like stated above.. I stop doing flex pays due to the delays and shipping schedule / due dates that continue to change all the time..
    Like I stated in other thread I'm stopping all ready due to the cost , other priorities in my life , and space constraints. I will be only purchasing OT items moving forward that are rare / haven't been released before..
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    This illusion has been created that if you donít pre-order, youíll miss out. Thatís absolutely not the case, given that it takes a very long time for pieces to sell out. Even OT pieces arenít selling out. One would think that the Hoth Leia would have sold out in the pre-order phase long ago, and the Tarkin and ESB Vader, too. Thereís no incentive to pre-order unless you have disposable income and can deal with the crazy shipping schedule, and youíre a person who needs peace of mind in knowing that you have certain pieces reserved. I may have to cancel Hoth Leia because of this shipping s**tstorm!! Iím not because sheíll still be there for me to buy for several months. HT will get to keep my NRD, but thatís a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.

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    This all I have left on preorder..
    1. Aliens covenant life size head.
    2. Hoth Leia
    3. ESB Luke PF ( thinking of canceling it )
    4. TLJ Leia
    5. RTJ Luke
    6. Gran moff tarkin
    7. Mythos obi wan..

    And I'm done... Unless some OT items come out..
    Gronk droid, death star gunner, Poe , Baze ..etc...something that is not a re release...
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