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Thread: Custom painted VTC Millenium Falcon

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    Custom painted VTC Millenium Falcon

    *****Correction, this is the OTC MF******

    I've been wanting to do this for a while. I couldn't bring myself to spend the cash for a BMF repaint, so I initially planned to get a POTF2 version and work from there. Well, the VTC came up for a good price and I picked it up, right after I had purchased a POTF2 that needed a few parts. So I stripped the POTF2 of what I needed and put them in place. Then I went to work.

    Simply put, all I did was paint. I masked and then primed the entire ship in white. Then I sprayed two coats of white to the ship. After that, I painted the different hull plates different colors. After that, I went to work on the various pipes and painted several of them. Then it was off to paint all the various access points. Following each access point, I would run thinner all over the area, and then wipe it down with a cloth. This would allow the colors to thin and run. Then I went with a thinner based black wash in which I took a brush that had been dabbed in black, then ran the brush all over a section of the hull. Then I'd quickly wipe that down in a certain direction, and then put my brush in thinner and rub the thinner everywhere, and again, use the cloth to smear it. After that I added various coolant drips and use the wipe technique for that. The last part of the hull was to get some a window screen repair kit, and cut out six discs and put them on the vents at the rear. Then I used the smear technique again and that was the end of the outer hull.

    Inside, all I did was mask everything off, and then paint with a gunmetal color. Then I used a dry silver brush to add some weather to the floor. I did this in the cargo area and the cockpit. Then I painted the main gun and the radar dish, using the same base color and then black wash. The last step was to spray the entire thing with dull coat in order to seal the colors. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the project. There are some things I would do differently next time, and would probably be a little more conservative with the black wash. So I'm claiming this is the darker looking MF from ESB.

    Also, I've gotten what I wanted from this, so I'd like to get it moved to an appreciative fan. I'm asking $75 OBO plus shipping. I'm motivated to sell, so if you're interested, feel free to make an offer as long as it isn't a lowball.

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