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Thread: Mini Droid Collectible Figure

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    Mini Droid Collectible Figure

    ShopDisney has just listed the blind box mini droid collectible figure. I love the packaging that resembles a sandcrawler.

    Here's the link:

    I grabbed 5 of them. There are 12 different droids available.
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    Oh man... I would totally grab a few of those if I saw them at the store. The package is awesome, you're right.

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    Looks pretty cool. Don't know if I want to collect this line, but I may pick up a few if I see them the next time I'm at the Disney store.
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    TBH, I would rather hey just expand on the 3.74" scale. Why divide the Collecting community once again with 1.5" offerings, just to resell all the older figures in a different size? There's so many unmade Droid characters that could still be released in the basic scale. As well as updates to the older ones that should have been done right the first time. Or even reissues that people simply missed the first time.

    I guess it's the small scale I don't get. What can you do with a tiny figure such as this, view it through a magnifying glass? Maybe it's aimed at very small people or toddlers. As much as Droid fan that i am, I can safely pass on this line.
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    This is clearly a product conceived and scaled to meet a specific price point and blind-box purchase pattern. I agree with MF that it would have been so much cooler if these had been 3.75" scale, even if the tooling was super simplified in order to produce them cheap enough.

    That said... at the same time I am kinda grateful that they're not, meaning I can ignore them and not have to try and track them all down! I just hope this doesn't mean that they scale back on the 3.75" buildable droid releases we have enjoyed in the last few years.

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    This just seems a nice impulse buy at the cash register, and I'm sure, at the parks. Similar to their blind bagged Park series miniature figures (similar to Micro machine characters) they have had at the parks for years, and which they did several specific Star Wars series.

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    These look quite nice, anyone know if they're available in the UK?

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    I picked one up last week here in Canada. I was surprised to see them at the cash at Disney Store. I really love the Sandcrawler packaging. I'd love to see a second series of these, introducing some new Droid types.

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