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Thread: Blue Sharpie Fading because of Studio C

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    Blue Sharpie Fading because of Studio C

    I have a poster that I sent to Studio C restoration to get some inscriptions removed. However, when I received it back I noticed that a couple of the signatures signed in blue sharpie came back faded. They had obviously been totally careless as to expose the parts of the poster not being worked on to light. My question is that now the poster has been linen backed, is there any chance of the blue sharpie fading more if it is totally kept in the dark? (assuming all other conditions such as humidity and temperature are kept at the appropriate levels). Thanks.

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    I've heard the process of linen backing a poster with autographs on it can cause the autographs to fade. Pretty sure I've read that on a few company websites that offer that service and other message boards/forums.

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    The fading didn't happen due to the linen backing process. The before and after pictures I have clearly show it happened after the poster was sent in for inscription removal only. It was linen backed months after the inscriptions were removed.

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