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Thread: FS - A few Master Replicas items!

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    FS - A few Master Replicas items!

    Funding a few other projects plus making room for a few other props! For whatever reason Rebelscum does not work well when trying to post pictures from an iPad, so feel free to message me and I can email photos, or wait a bit until I get home to post pics from my PC later.

    Master Replicas Obi-wan ROTS Lightsaber - absolutely mint and displayed in a smoke free climate controlled home. All original boxes, packing material, Plaque number 1598, COA, and second plaque stating the edition size (still sealed) included of course! $650 shipped within USA!

    Master Replicas Luke Skywalker ANH SE Lightsaber. Mint like new, all original boxes, packing materials, plaque number 53, second plaque with edition size, COA, plus Photo of Mark Hamill signing which was sent out to buyers who ordered. Kinda rare as in some people never received the photo or missed the notification to get one!

    $1700 shipped anywhere within USA!
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    "Bounce them out - all of them...."

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    Price drops plus a bump!
    "Bounce them out - all of them...."

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    I will take the Obi Wan ROTS if it is really in mint condition. Will send you a PM once I got a chance.

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