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Thread: Anovos Darth Vader costume w/extras!...

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    Anovos Darth Vader costume w/extras!...

    ** I'm not sure how to post pics here!?...

    Full Anovos Darth Vader (with a few upgrades!)

    I'm not sure how many of these Anovos made or had shipped. I think they are backordered now. Get this while you can. For the money I think it's a great way to get an awesome Vader setup ALL at once!

    ** From the ground up...

    Boots: These are affordable boots I bought off eBay. One has a hole drilled into the bottom of the heel so Vader could be attached to a base. They could still be worn. I'm really just throwing these in for free, but great for display. I think they are size 12/13.

    Body Suit: This is the body that came from Anovos in size XL. It was woefully too small and had to be cut to accommodate the mannequin. It has slits cut down both legs and both arms in the back of the suit. It attached to the mannequin with velcro straps hidden behind the cape. I think this could still be worn by someone if needed, but would probably most ideally be used on another mannequin. If I ever planned to troop in this costume I would have bought a body suit tailored to fit me. So basically, if you plan to use this on a manny it's great, if you plan to wear it I'm not sure if it will work or be up to your standards. PM me for details.

    Cod, Shins, Belt, Chest Box, Mantle, Battle Tabard:
    All of these are from Anovos and in perfect shape. Belt and Chest box are powered by 9 volt batteries. I believe I have all the original Anovos boxes for these items.

    I sold the Anovos gloves that came with this kit because they were not great. The gloves I'm selling with this are a leather pair from Indy Magnoli. Size Large.

    I sold the Anovos cape because it was way too short. This robe was custom made by a company in Brazil called Custom Props. They are one of 2-3 cape makers that the Vader guys recognize as being the best. I had a great experience with these guys as this cape is awesome. Really beautifully crafted and heavy! My Vader statue was about 6'10" and the cape just touched the ground perfectly. (So it's a long cape) This could always be tailored to fit as needed, but if you're trying to do an accurate "Prowse sized" Vader statue this thing is perfect. (See pic)

    This is the Vader helmet that came with the costume. I'm including a "breathing" sound machine and it's little speaker that can be placed inside the helmet. You can run the wire down the back of your Vader and turn it on and off with a switch. PM for details on who made it, but it came from eBay. It's pretty loud, perfect if using the costume on a mannequin.

    Everything except the gloves, boots and the cape come in their Anovos boxes. Everything is in PERFECT like new condition.

    I can include pics of all the items and their boxes if needed. I can also ditch the Anovos boxes if you prefer and try to ship this to you in other boxes if that saves money.

    Shipping will not be cheap. A lot of boxes here. Buyer pays actual shipping.

    **Does not include mannequin or custom "Carbonite Chamber" stand. Putting this thing on a mannequin was VERY VERY tricky to get just right. It took me months and the thing was cobbled together. The manny was a mix of fiberglass, PVC, duct tape and anything else to get the look just right. Also, the stand was custom made but it is really big and heavy to ship. PM me if you live in the Chicago area and want to try and work something out.

    May the Force Be With You!...

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    Oops! Sorry!

    $4000 plus shipping

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    I fit everything into three boxes (Original Anovos boxes for helmet and shoulder armor, everything else in a third box).

    SHIPPING in the USA and Canada is now FREE


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