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Thread: Darth Vader (Dagobah) Collector's Gallery Statue

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    Darth Vader (Dagobah) Collector's Gallery Statue

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    Here we go once again. The battle of the base. When you run out of ideas with the characters you make a base for the character that will sell to the completist. This base looks like Vader is standing on gummy worms. No sale for me.
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    Like everything but the base

    Just don't collect their 1:8 line.
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    I like it! I don't collect statues, but I think it's a well designed statue.
    (I'm still 50/50 on the base. Maybe I like it, maybe I don't.)
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    Not collecting 1/8 statues, and too many Vaders already for that matter. How about some never released OT characters in the 1/6 scale?
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    Far to many Vader’s already so no interest in this one, looks nice though but the smaller scale would make it off putting too really if I were looking for a new statue (1:6 scale is the preferred choice).
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    It's nice but a pass for me, been on the look out for the old 1/6 Darth Vader for a while.

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    Interesting choice of base. I wonder if we'll see a Bespin theme Vader base for an exclusive this summer...
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