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Thread: R.I.P. Stan Lee

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    Amazing how important he was to comic readers up through the 90s, but to literally EVERYONE after that due to the success of comic films and games. I remember when he was "ours", but now everybody knows who he is. Rest well, Stan
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    It's hard to believe it finally happened. What a long, inspirational life Stan lived. I had the good fortune of meeting him at a comic con event about 5 years ago, and will treasure the memory.

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    Very sad news. Though it shouldn't be a surprise that a 95-year old passed, it's still a shock. You almost felt that Stan would live forever. I remember seeing him in "The Gifted" cameo (Season 1) in the past year, which wasn't that long ago.

    In retrospect, the first time I really became aware of Stan "as a person" was probably the early '80's; as a kid watching the "Spider-man and his Amazing friends" cartoon on Saturday mornings, Stan would sometimes/always?! have a voice-over at the end of an episode where he said "Excelsior" - which is Latin for "ever upward". That's the the first time I ever heard the word, and I will always associate it with Stan. It really encapsulates his persona to a great extent: ... his-motto/
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    RIP. What an accomplished man! He had a good long life.
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    Years ago I said that Stan Lee will be the celebrity death that will effect me most. finally came. I'm going to be honest here, I don't think I would even be here had it not been for Marvel comics. Particularly, though before my time, Silver Age books he personally did. I was raised on them. When kids were reading Maximum Carnage, I was reading Amazing-Spider-Man #1-100 among many other Marvel titles thanks to my dads re-prints and back issues. I know it may seem a bit absurdist to some to actually openly cry at the loss of a celebrity you didn't truly know, but I did cry. It really hit me. What he was a bastion for was just this...this...innate goodness, sending out brightly colorful and charmingly adventurous parables to children across the globe. I learned moral values largely from Marvel comics. And that is perhaps the greatest creation that Stan accomplished, concocting a way to unify diverse groups of people, allowing them to come together in celebration of what these books gave us, the learned morality in childhood, the spark of adventure, the courage to be yourself, and for the pure unabashed love and imagination of it all. Excelsior!
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    An amazingly talented man who genuinely enjoyed speaking with not only his fans, but with anyone that he met. Farewell, Stan, and may your monument be a soapbox.
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    Farewell Stan. Thank you for fueling a lifetime of imagination. You will be missed.

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    I'm proud to say I have been in the same room with 2 creators that shaped much of my life in terms of entertainment and hobbies: George Lucas and Stan Lee. It wasn't just hobbies though. As odd as it may seem, Star Wars and Marvel have been there in bad times and lonely times. I've spent way too much time living in fantasy worlds created by these men and I'm better for it. There are things to be learned from imagination and from heroes.

    Stan Lee was as much a hero as any of his creations in the simple fact that he didn't try to be anything other than himself and that is something more people should attempt.

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