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Thread: Fixing a vintage Sonic Controlled Landspeeder

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    Fixing a vintage Sonic Controlled Landspeeder

    So I have listened to many repair YouTube videos by toypolloi and retroblasting to help me fix some of the old Star Wars beater vehicles I have bought in the past.

    I found an older post here on the forum ( to help me repair my Radio controlled R2-D2 and I made a Youtube video to help those out that need video to help them out.

    So I plan on making a much better video for fixing my sonic controlled landspeeder as there is only one video I could find on fixing them. After opening the toy, I found the plastic cog on the front wheel is split and falls off the drive shaft due to the split.

    So I have to replace the cog however I can't find a replacement cog anywhere online?

    I was able to track down cog's for my vintage R2-D2, but they are much smaller than the landspeeder.

    I will submit pictures of the cog on the front wheel. The cog is a 8 teeth and measures 7mm x 5 mm with a 3mm center hole
    or if you prefer 10cm x 6cm with a 3cm center hole.

    I have a buddy that will have a rendered drawing and have multiples 3D printed.

    I'm hoping however someone might have links or contacts to plastic motor cogs.

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    Some times, it's just better to find a beat up or parted out ship to get the replacement parts you need. I have used this method plenty of times. Usually, I find I can take what I need and sell the rest to someone with the same ideas.

    Good luck
    Vintage Toy Collector. TOYMANS FEEDBACK

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    Thanks Toyman after looking at ebay some there are beaters for parts at around $20 with shipping. They seem to be missing the front wheel and gear assembly on those. I however will save the search and get updated.

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