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Thread: WTB: Misc. vintage loose figures

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    WTB: Misc. vintage loose figures

    Hi friends,

    I am looking to complete a vintage figure set for my 8 year old, and we are missing just a few. Rather than sift through the ridiculousness on eBay and try to get them piecemeal, I hoped someone on here may have them. I need the following:

    Luke (original)
    Leia hoth
    4-LOM (with robe and belt)
    Klaatu skiff
    Prune Face
    Rancor keeper

    Condition isn't real important so long as limbs aren't missing and they aren't super scratched up. No weapons needed. I'm looking to pay around $3-$4 each for these guys. If you have them, please let me know.
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