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Thread: SA 3.75 Jyn Erso (Jedha)

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    SA 3.75 Jyn Erso (Jedha)

    Here is another figure I had hoped they would make, but of course we never saw. Jyn wore her green jacket in all of the Jedha scenes, which to me, made her costume look more complete. The only issue I ran into was that no other jacket looks quite like that. For this figure, I ended up cutting the stripes off two 5 POA Jyns to use on this figure. I cut one too thick, but the others I was pretty happy with...I've never done anything like that before, so maybe I will transplant more detailing in the future!

    The recipe:
    SA TBS Jyn Arms, Lower Legs, and Holster
    5 POA Jyn Torso, Head, and Jacket Stripes
    Capt. Kirk Upper Legs

    Jyn Erso (Jedha)

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    Looks great! That was a novel approach to the jacket stripes problem. I just got an Eadu Jen and am considering transferring parts to an extra SA Jen. Will definately watch for one of the Jedha Jens and try this...

    Question. Why did you have to swap the upper legs?
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    This is a wonderful custom. She looks great!!!!
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    It’s a really cruel irony that 3.75 Jyns have been so badly overproduced, yet we don’t have the most basic, obvious one in SA. So this one is really nice to see, and I hope Hasbro takes a hint and does this one...but for economic’s sake, in like 2026, for the 10th, once it’s been a while and everybody is nostalgic. Lol.

    In the meantime, surely they could do a Krennic in raincoat or a Melshi, or Baze and Chirrut in SA. Hopefully the Cassian show will get good figure support too. Anyway, love your work as always. Keep ‘em coming!

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