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Thread: The Toy Room

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    The Toy Room

    We bought a new house this summer and one of our shopping goals was my own toy room. My wife is super supportive of the hobby, but didn't necessarily want to participate in it quite so immersively.

    In any case, I spent the last couple months building my displays and working my way around the room, saving Star Wars for the last. I still have tons of figures to put out, but it's otherwise mostly done.

    Rebel Hangar (a bit crowded)

    Republic ground forces

    Imperial ground forces

    I'm ready for the sail barge!

    Republic "air" forces


    Separatists up top

    and then some bonus pics of the whole room

    Titaniums (mostly)

    Eventually, the bays beneath the Flagg will have stuff displayed as well, but I've been at it for a couple months straight and am actually kind of ready to take a break and just enjoy a cleared floor. (Beagle for scale )

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    Oh my god. The Flagg?! That is awesome!
    Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DagMarus View Post
    Oh my god. The Flagg?! That is awesome!
    Definitely a Grail moment. I'd come across one a couple times before but it's literally the only toy my wife asked me to hold off on until I had a place to put it.

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    Damn, this is impressive. I love the space you've allowed for all the ships. Very nice!

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