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Thread: Cassian Andor TV series - 2021

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    Cassian Andor TV series - 2021

    Just announced for the Disney streaming service, and starring Diego Luna as Cassian Andor.

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    Very cool. I'm looking forward to this.

    Maybe I'll finally get a good 6 inch action figure of him from SH Figuarts this time!

    Here's the article:
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    Love it, count me in for Disney Plus next year!
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    So excited for this. Cassian and Rogue One are my favorite Disney era additions to the canon. I'm such a nerd that I've been setting up different Rebel dioramas for almost 2 years with Cassian, K2, Nein Numb etc. That era right before ANH that Rogue One explores really caught my interest.

    It's things like this along with Solo, Rogue One that help me forget that garbage like TLJ even exists.

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    was on the fence about signing up, this puts me over.

    now hopefully there's enough unproven, comedic directors available to direct episodes of this.

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    Cool! Cassian was my favorite character from Rogue One. There could be some really good stories told here. One thing though... when will these guys venture outside the established Star Wars lore and develop some all new stuff?

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    Really? This makes perfect sense considering that movie was the only one Fan approved. And that for the most art everyone liked it.
    Gives them another chance to mine been there done that in the era they see hell bent on staying in.

    Fortunately I took R1 as a one and done, thus have no interest/reason to watch this. Especially since I didn't really care much for Cassian.
    I guess it will also depend on which OT characters make a cameo to entice those holdouts, or guest cast certain Rebels characters for those wanting something different.
    Another reason is that I'm not gonna sign up and pay extra for a service just to watch it. If they also do this for the Mandalorian, then they will have successfully lost me as a viewer.
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    I am all for it. Especially if Tudyk comes back as K2SO. I am interested enough in this , The Clone Wars , The Mandalorian and Loki to buy the service. At least to check them out. They probably have some others series or plans we don't know about. I am hoping it is a success. But this fandom is so picky and agitatated that I just don't know if it will be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daigo_Bah View Post
    Love it, count me in for Disney Plus next year!
    same! Looking like a good Netflix replacement for me.
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