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Thread: Executioner Trooper Statue

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    Executioner Trooper Statue

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    Easy pass. Virtually no screen time or 'cult' status and yet it gets it's own statue. Could think of lots if other characters GG could have made instead.
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    Agreed, it’s a lazy choice really & not anything to get excited about.
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    Since I am not a fan of the Disney SW sequels, I have to admit I do not know about screen time with these characters or much else. The Stormtrooper visually seems like a cool character to make, but I have no real interest in it because of my previous statement. The guard does seem lazy and boring as a choice.
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    At least it's not in 1/9th scale.
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    Although I’ve been critical of this statue, if they’d announced it as a mini-bust or the Praetorian, I’d have bought them both with out hesitation so I’m a bit of a hypocrite really I guess. lol
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