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Thread: Immoral to replace limb on figure?

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    Immoral to replace limb on figure?

    Hypothetically, say someone had an R4-D5 red bar version with one scuffed leg. Would it be “wrong” to swap it out with a one from similar COO figure to get a item in overall better condition, assuming that no damage was done in the swap?

    I was thinking about this the other day when thinking about how weapons and accessories (from similar figures) often get mixed up and separated from their original figure, by sellers, prior to selling them (by accident or on purpose ).

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    I want to find a reason to tell you "No, you can't do that, it's not acceptable," but I am finding a hard time doing that. If you did, I'm not sure who would be able to tell. Weapons and Accessories are different, and I get the mix and match that goes on there. I think the GI Joe folks do this sort of thing all the time since those figures are easily deconstructed. If the COO is the same...

    I don't know, I look forward to hearing what other people have to say.

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    I know it's done in the GIJOE world. Especially with the rare mickey mouse cobra commander. All joe parts are easy to swap because the entire figure breaks down. The droids, R2 and R5 have screws holding the heads on so it would be easy to swap them out. I would guess unless you announced it to everyone, I don't think anyone would know. In my opinion it's the same as restoring any vehicle missing parts or swapping out for better parts. As long as you aren't painting or using repro stickers, I don't see any issues.
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    In the case of R2 and R5, it's not much different than a removable limbs C3PO. If he's missing an arm or a leg, it's pretty easy to just replace it with another. Where R2 and R5 have removable screws and can be taken apart, I don't see how leg swapping would be an issue. I would just have to advise that whatever leg you swap *should* come from the same COO or at the very least make sure there are no noticeable differences from one side to the other.

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    Thanks for the comments. I had no idea about the gi joe world. Interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Principal View Post
    Thanks for the comments. I had no idea about the gi joe world. Interesting.

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    Once the rubber band in a Joe breaks, it falls apart. Replacing the bands is 100% acceptable in that world. You have to completely take a apart the figure to replace the band. I have a loose Hooded Cobra Commander I did that with. GI Joe folks are also cool with repro decals.

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    I would just keep the figure and beat leg together and sell them as a set, if the other person has a problem they can always swap them back to the original legs.
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