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Thread: Half the Battle's 2018 Charity Drive for kids !

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    Half the Battle's 2018 Charity Drive for kids !

    It's that time of year again, when I, in association with several others, hold a charity drive ! Here's the gist of it :

    - Donate to a charity that benefits children, any will do, you get to pick yourself.
    - Send proof of that donation to (You have until NOVEMBER 30TH)
    - The name of everybody who donated gets put into a hat, and a winner will be drawn on the first weekend of December, that person will win prizes !
    - For everybody, there will be BONUS VIDEOS if we reach certain milestones

    Full details in the video :

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    Charity Drive UPDATE video ! The total so far and a new prize has been added !

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    We've reached our first goal of $500 for the charity drive, so here is the first BONUS Video ! We sing the Jem theme song !

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    The results video of the 2018 Charity Drive is now up ! Find out how much we raised !

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    Today, you get an EXTRA review thanks to us reaching our goal for the Charity Drive !

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