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Thread: Tatooine Skiff parts- how to tell the LEFT or RIGHT?

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    Tatooine Skiff parts- how to tell the LEFT or RIGHT?

    When buying or selling missing parts for your skiff, how do you tell if you have the left or right part?

    from what angle are you looking at to tell? from underneath or upright?

    I talking about the left and right leg stand and the left and right rudder pieces. when i bought another rudder, i had to ask for the part number imprinted so i knew i wasn't getting the wrong one.

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    I had the same issues with determining left from right. I ended up going with the same direction of a car. It worked out. I know the rudders have an L and an R embossed behind them (learned from photos) mine is also missing the legs and 1 rail. I'm not sure if the legs have markings on them. Someone else who has them will need to weigh in.
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