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Thread: Celebration Chicago: Swag

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    Quote Originally Posted by clonetrooper10 View Post
    Same here, I see nothing
    Hmm, I don't want to spam the page with images but I'll try uploading it a differect way to see if it works.

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    that worked and those are very nice.

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    Those do look very nice!
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    SWAG: 6-Sticker Set

    This sticker set will be FREE during Celebration Chicago. I will have 500 sets to hand out randomly as well as set times. Follow @nerdmatters on Instagram for details before and during Celebration!

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    I'll be doing poker chips this time. Myself and a friend will have 250 of these in a few different colors:

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    These look fantastic!
    Looking for the AT-AT in vintage packaging and the BMF as well in vintage pkging....PM me!

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    Wow, the poker chips look great.
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    I have decided to get in on the action, and just got my order of swag to give away (this will be my first time giving instead of just collecting). I'll have 200 to give out (40/day).

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