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Thread: Celebration Chicago: Tips & Tricks

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    Celebration Chicago: Tips & Tricks

    If you've ever attended a Star Wars Celebration before, this is the place to share your vast knowledge of what new fans can expect and to possibly help someone out.
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    My tip would be to know what exclusive items and panels you want to attend. From there make a plan. Have snacks and water. Don't get too stressed and forget to have fun!
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    my tip is 180 from rnbuda. Dont make plans, be fluid. Things change and go wrong EVER time. no matter how well you plan, something will disrupt it. But do stay calm and have fun!

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    How about a compromise? Have a wish/priority list but be prepared to adjust on the fly
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    Use a Food delivery service to stock up your room (Amazon prime now for example)
    stay hydrated
    comfortable shoes and socks
    body glide (this stuff works wonders for long days)
    cell phone portable charging pack

    Patience and fun! Woo

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    My survival bag is equip with hand sanitizer, power bars, H2O, permanent marker,camera/cell, napkins,
    comics, and anything else for comfort while waiting in lines.
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    Backpack consisting of water, black, bronze, and silver permeant markers, water. Hand sanitizer is a good addition as well. Ibuprofen for aches and pains. A tiny folding chair to sit in, versus sitting on a hard floor. Comfortable shoes. Poster carrier to protect any art you may buy. I carried a camera the first one, but found my cell phone camera worked just as good. Defiantly bring a battery pack for your cell phone for charging. Lickeys and cheweys.

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    Yes, all of the above! plus baby wipes for food and hygiene, maybe, if possible, a blow up seat or chair that can be carried in a backpack.

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    But find a backpack that is comfortable and you might want some locks on it in case of that one dishonest person. Main thing is drink alot of water it is important, and make sure you have extra batteries. Plus always fully charge your phone , you never know when you need it. The last thing is comfortable shoes , you will be standing alot in lines .

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    And one important tip for all that is visiting Chicago for the first time or hasn't been here in awhile. When walking downtown checking sites or just heading for food , best to travel in groups . For this reason is less chance of being robbed or pick pocketed. Also keep your money and wallet in your front pockets, it prevents the bump and grab. I doubt this would happen to anyone here but its always good to be prepared than loosing everything on the trip. Just a safety tip for my fellow scummers..

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