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Thread: Celebration Chicago: Costumes

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    The hotel situation is much different than around a Disney park. I would be disappointed if my hotel was outside of walking distance too. There are already not enough hours in the day at celebration.
    Wasting extra time traveling to and from (especially when I hear the traffic/people/crowds in Chicago are bad even when celebration is not going on) seems like it is costing a lot more than money. I expect this to be busier than Orlando considering how fast tickets have gone.

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    I will contact reed tomarrow and ask about storage rooms-not coat checks, for fans items during the Cele. this convention will be hard on everyone, both money and transportation to and from (the wise. having several large rooms(like at L.A. for day storage, will do good for Reed and tons good for us fans!

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    I did call Reed tis morning and think I got to speak to a human being-not a droid! I presented the storage room idea and gave all the details, they said to call back March 1st. I hope they got the message-esp. with the arena mess about security. I think I have an E-mail address for them, I will propose the idea directly in writing and hope it gets through. I emphasized the importance of this move for fans due to the hotel-limited coat check mess.

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    I'm sure they have a bag check-in , and possible place for 501st members to store their gear. It's still early so we will wait and see.

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