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Thread: Celebration Chicago: VIP Tickets

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjawa3 View Post
    Private bathrooms? to me, that's going a little too far. watch out for those cooties!
    As someone who's never had a Celebration VIP badge, I'd say it's a worthwhile perk. Bathroom lines are extremely common at large events (especially for women's restrooms).

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    Potty lines can be vary long indeed! timing is the answer. I just hope those VIP bathrooms are kept up to par!,clean and well stocked!

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    Hi Vips, I'm attending as a non-VIP (for the first time since they've had VIPs, sadly). I collect the badge sets for each Celebration. So, I'm looking to buy a VIP badge when the convention is over, at the end of Monday. The VIP badges are never included in the badge set sold in the Celebration store. Additionally, if anyone is planning on not attending the full 5 days, I'm eager to purchase a partially used VIP badge during the con, too. Please PM. I answer fast. Thanks!
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    Still haven't received my VIP email or contact info. Can anyone point me to someone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lam View Post
    Still haven't received my VIP email or contact info. Can anyone point me to someone?
    I sent you a PM Lam.

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    Got second email with special instructions for the Episode IX panel.

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    Since the VIP lanyard and patch are delayed until Monday, you can go to the Lounge and get a coupon for a free custom printed t-shirt from the Store.

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    So now that Celebration Chicago has come and gone, was VIP worth it this yr for my fellow VIP's?

    Despite the hiccups before and during the con, I think it was! I was able to attend every panel I had planned to attend and acquired all the non-lottery exclusives that I wanted. I do think that with the new lottery system, the gap between the VIP and General Attendee experience has somewhat diminished.

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    Yes, I totally think it was worth it just for the panels alone. I never had to go early, in fact, most days, I went right at the start time (sometimes even just after a panel started), and had no trouble finding a seat. The reserved section made everything super easy, and I always ended up somewhere in the first 5 rows. So good times.

    In terms of exclusive items to purchase, I got basically everything I had my eyes on. It wasn't quite as easy as I was hoping for, since vendors ended up still selling to other exhibitors first, but was still much easier than it would have been for the general ticket holders.

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