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Thread: Celebration Chicago: Transportation

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    Celebration Chicago: Transportation

    You've got O'Hare International Airport & Chicago Midway International Airport depending on where you're flying in from. Discuss your past experiences here to help your fellow fan out as travel plans come together.
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    Assuming this is run like C2E2 (also Reed Pop), they should be providing shuttles from the hotels to the convention center. They normally use Grey Hound style buses. Main problems I see are:

    What time are they going to begin? Most of us like to get there SUPER early to line up.
    What time do they end? One time at C2E2, the panel I was in finished but the buses had stopped at that point. Everyone had to get taxis.
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    Flying into Midway with several others. Most likely UBER will be the choice of transportation going to and from all points.

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    I'm driving since Chicago is only 7 hours from me. Staying about a mile from the convention center, so I will be ******* it to and from...if there is not a shuttle service.
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    Parking info:

    The pre-paid parking at McCormick Place lowered their individual days to $36, which is the standard maximum. But, the 5 day pass is still up to $250.
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    Hoping my hotel has a shuttle bus and the cheapest flight I’ve found is from O’Hare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAQU4M4N View Post
    Hoping my hotel has a shuttle bus and the cheapest flight I’ve found is from O’Hare.
    Did you check southwest airline , they fly in at Midway which is actually closer than O'Hare.

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    one of the social media pages confirmed Shuttles and to watch the transportation section of the website. site was updated today. nothing posted on this topic has changed.

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    L train looks like the best/cheapest way to get around. $28 for a 7 day pass and it runs from both airports right to McCormick Place. Good for those on site too, quick and easy way to get into the city to see the sights and eat something away from the convention center.

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    I've heard it isn't a great idea to ride the train with luggage...and that it can take awhile. Maybe you know more than I do? I was recommended to avoid the train other than for day trips away from the con when time isn't as much of a concern.

    I know there are people who live in Chicago that are staying in a hotel close to the con to avoid traveling in from the city. There are never enough hours in a day at celebration. I'd hate to have to spend multiple hours a day on the train.
    This is just info I have gathered so take it with a grain of salt. I haven't spent much time in Chicago so I'm looking for the answers as well.
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