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Thread: Celebration Chicago: Tips & Tricks

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    My husband is from Chicago and his advice is to not make yourself too obvious, like in being a tourist or person attending a big event in town! he advised not to wear costumes or Star Wars related things- until you get to the con. then put on the finery.(if you can carry it with you!) always travel in groups and be very aware of your surroundings in the convention area! esp. outside the building, on the con. center grounds. a sad situation!

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    I'm a retired CPD officer and thats why I posted my warning tips for everyone, But like i said if you are in groups they more and likely won't even bother anyone. Plus the city will have extra officers and deputies for this event to make sure everyone is safe. But as jjawa3 said be aware of your surroundings at all time , get locks for your back packs and always keep track of your belongings like you would any where you would when traveling. But most important thing of all is to have fun and make new friends and see old ones.

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