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Thread: Poe Dameron

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Technically though, we can now say Han is from a new Movie.
    Which I'd actually buy just about anything from that movie over anything from TFA/TLJ etc.

    He wore enough outfits to have made up 4 waves by himself! Reminds me of Padme and
    Funny enough that when I think of the "new" movies I tend to only think of TFA/TLJ. Rogue One and Solo feel like that fit right in and belong.

    I'd even almost throw TFA in there. I liked that movie.

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    Great change in the face/head, no doubt. But $14 bucks for a repacked figure w/ a new head from one of the Disney movies? Meh, not so sure.

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    Looks like the same head as the BS 375 with just a different paint job applied for the shoot/prototype image.
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    I used my Walmart Poe to make an articulated C'ai Threnalli so I'll be looking to buy this Poe when it comes out. I only decided to do it cause of Hasbro releasing this with the new face print technology.

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    Fortunately I already had several clearance Poe figures from TBS, as I had this swap in mind at the time.

    You did more work that I though, I just swapped the head over to Poe's body. He's not an important enough character to warrant surgery. lol
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    If I had any know-how for customizing, I'd do this for a few others too. Looks really good!

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