I'm posting this as a set of pics showing the Force Link chips and roughly where they are or in the case of the Enfys Nest Swoop where they could be.

I cut one of the Force Link chips out of the Bala Tik figure.

It sits in the hollow chest cavity of the figure.

As you can see it's essentially the same chip as the commtech chip.

They are the same size dimensionally and the layout of the board is slightly different than the older Commtech chip.

Size comparison for Hoth Leia:

Size comparison for Qi'ra:

Approximate locations on the Enfys Nest Swoop:

On the Rathtar there is a visible panel on its back that hides the chip. The Wampa has it in the body cavity like the regular figures.

I wonder if the Vintage Collection will ever have these in them? :{J