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Thread: Custom 3d Printed INT-4 Mini Rig...

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    Custom 3d Printed INT-4 Mini Rig...

    I've always wanted those 80's Kenner Mini rigs but can't find them in good condition for a reasonable price.

    Solution: 3d model and print it! :{J

    So I found a really good set of reference pics and the patent images of the INT-4 mini rig and went to work.

    I've printed my first draft of the model in Stainless Steel PLA from Proto-Pasta and man is it heavy. Plus I'll be able to rough up the surface and even add real rust weathering to it thanks to the properties of this PLA.

    My INT-4 is a little different. I've added open windows on the sides and so far don't have the mechanism that raises and lowers the wings.

    I didn't log the print time, but it did take a while on the main body and wings. At least 12 hours total. Everything else like the window shrouds, gun, landing gear, console(interior) and hatch took less than an hour.

    Here you can see into the cockpit. I also opted to sculpt the decal's details into the model. It's made up of 13 parts total.

    A view into the opened cockpit. I like that Dark Lord Dungeon uses an AT-AT driver as the pilot. These are kind of like the Imperial version of the Snowspeeder.

    I'm looking for a PLA that matches the old Kenner version's plastic as close as possible for the next print. But I haven't found any grey-blue PLA I like yet.

    Here's a link to Dark Lord Dungeon's blog about the INT-4:

    I also have plans to add peg holes on this model and any other vehicles I make to have modular weapons with the same peg size as those that come with the Scout Y-Wing. It would also be neat to have the refueling peg hole like the Action Fleet vehicles and have that refueling mini rig(energizer?). And I want to make AT-DP style walker legs for this to sort of land on and lock into. I've already got a model for the legs, just need to articulate them.

    The 3d printer is really just opening up the possibilities for collectors. :{J
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    Looks great! I've always wanted the mini skiff but not for the prices I see it at.

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    Thanks. I want all the Kenner mini rigs and wish that Hasbro would reproduce them.

    I'm in the process of modeling the PDT-8 and CAP-2, and I have a bunch of references of the skiff rigs. I'll try to work on it too. :{J
    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

    If you need anything 3d Printed PM me. :{J

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