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Thread: Big Slave I w/Han Solo in Carbonite

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    Big Slave I w/Han Solo in Carbonite

    So now that you've seen the Big Slave I - in the CW/PT colors, what do you think of the prospects of a TESB version at some point in the not so distant future in the Vintage collection?!

    Would be cool to see it in the same format as the TRU ultimate battle pack, with Boba, Han in Carbonite, a couple of Bespin Guards and maybe a Stormtrooper.

    You know that it's coming, it's just a question of when!
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    Re: Big Slave I - The Vintage Version - Speculation

    I think I may be in the minority here, but I actually like it. For some reason, I just couldn't get too excited about the possibility of the Slave 1 getting the FULL big treatment. In fact, I'm surprised we even got this. I really like the ship, but it just wasn't prominent in the action like the Falcon, AT-AT or even the Sail Barge....DAMN YOU, HASBRO!!!

    I think they realized there were only two possible repaints of this thing and people weren't going to buy fleets of them, so they just couldn't afford to go too crazy with the scale. Plus, as I said, it just wasn't a prominent enough as an action piece to really go all out with it. We BARELY even saw the interior of this thing.

    I also think they wanted to (and wisely so) keep it in relative scale to the BMF. The Falcon is big, but still nit big enough, so, in my opinion, I'm OK with the scale on this one. I'd still love to see a wide shot of the full ship with an average size figure standing next to it.

    However, not having the loading ramp that actually enters the ship is a HUGE gaff. How do they enter the ship? Through a big hole on the side? It would have been totally possible if they could have found a way to swing that head bonking panel up when the ramp is down.

    Also, REALLY? Making this new tool as part of an Ultimate Battle Pack WITH another (older) ship and a bunch of figures, AND making it a store exclusive - a Toys R Us exclusive, no less? If the simple TIE Interceptor and Republic Gunship are any indication, this thing is going to be well over $100.

    I can already see it, "Well the Clone Wars Slave 1 didn't move as quickly as expected at retail, so we have no plans to release an ESB Slave 1 for some time."



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    Re: Big Slave I - The Vintage Version - Speculatio

    Might as well import my thoughts from the other thread....

    So let me get this straight: They go to the trouble of sculpting an all new, larger Slave I, and they don't bother to include a ramp that enters the ship?! Gee, that was only a function of the ship that was shown in both ESB and AOTC. Now we have a ramp that leads nowhere. It now serves as a slide for that dumb looking escape pod. Dumbfounding.

    This forum doesn't have a font large enough for me to convey just how big of a FAIL this is. Probably the biggest fail out of DePriest's long history of fails. Will definitely be passing when the inevitable ESB repaint comes out.

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    Re: Big Slave I - The Vintage Version - Speculatio

    I hate to pile on this, but seriously - THIS is the BIG Slave 1 resculpt? If this is as good as its going to get I will probably end up getting an ESB repaint but it won't be an immed concern. Epic fail indeed as far as my expectations.
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    Re: Big Slave I - The Vintage Version - Speculatio

    I'll certainly be waiting for an OT version of this new mold. Long story short though, I want an OT version. Even if it doesn't have cool play features, it's still larger.
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    Re: Big Slave I - The Vintage Version - Speculatio

    This looks to me like a repeat of the pattern we saw with the Rancor.

    You have a large-sized, well-admired item from the OT, badly in need of a modern re-tool. This item exists in both the PT and EU.

    So what does Hasbro do? Unveil it in its non-OT version first.

    Here's my look into the crystal ball regarding a future ESB version of Slave I:

    Let's say this UBP (two ships, four figures) costs $75 at retail. Purely a guess on my part. In the fall of 2011, this mold will return, with ESB coloring. It will have one figure pack-in (maybe the new TVC Boba Fett), and will cost.....

    Wait for it......


    For someone who has collected, and observed Hasbro's practices over the past 15 years, I would be shocked if this scenario didn't play out.
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    Re: Big Slave I - The Vintage Version - Speculatio

    I would have liked one closer to proper scale, in the ESB colors, a nice cargo hold, ramp, functioning door and maybe the same weapons as the OTC.......I do like this cockpit better tho, it looks a lot like my OTC's cockpit...this should have been big enough for Boba Fett to actually "walk" up the ramp and get into the ship through the DOOR!....

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    Re: Big Slave I - The Vintage Version - Speculatio

    Right - A ramp, leading up to a functional & screen accurate entryway was the one feature that I was hoping for on this ship. Oh well - guess Hasbro didn't think this vehicle was popular/iconic/important enough to warrant a large enough scale to allow for that feature.
    If it's of any assistance, here are some size comparison mock ups between this new version and the previous (OTC Target exclusive) version, using the in-shot figures as referene along with the (presumably) accurate measurements of 18" (for the new Slave I) VS. 15" (for the old SAGA/OTC Slave I).

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    Re: Big Slave I - The Vintage Version - Speculation

    Frankly, the figure add-ons for an ESB UBP are boring at this point. Just the vehicle w/Boba is OK for me now, but 'ya know Hasbro.
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    Re: Big Slave I - The Vintage Version - Speculation

    Quote Originally Posted by Deak_Starkiller
    Frankly, the figure add-ons for an ESB UBP are boring at this point. Just the vehicle w/Boba is OK for me now, but 'ya know Hasbro.
    the only pack in an ESB version needs is a Han in Carbonite, the market is flooded with Boba's

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