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Thread: R2-D2 - ANH

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_sidious View Post
    You don't like any of the other unique / scene specific versions? The Battle of Yavin damaged version is one of my favorites:

    I have to imagine for TVC though, it will be a repack of the sailbarge version, they'll need to include extra accessories to try and net some sales.
    The Yakface rumour labelled it as an "E4 R2-D2" so I don't think it will be the Barge version. Probably a re-pack of a different R2 on a Star Wars card to complete another of the original 12.

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    The new TVC R2 sounds like it’ll be a retooled BAD mold just in TVC card. So if you bought the last single carded R2 from TLJ you can look forward to him being on TVC with a $5 price hike. They better load him up with extras. It’ll be crazy if they don’t.

    This is just crazy. So for $2 more, you can get the 2-pack version. It comes with the rocket booster accessory, force link chip, and freaking C-3PO as an accessory. Or you can spend $13 for cardboard.

    Meanwhile marvel legends just announced a new Jim Lee beast figure this finishing the Blue Team. Pretty much sums up why interest in Star Wars is waning. Collecting other lines is more fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Broem View Post
    Yeah. It is a letdown. I was expecting repacks but not of ANH R2 or Chewbacca. Now a "Solo" Chewbacca I could understand. But that would not be a repack. I understand Leia Boushh and Han Stormtrooper. I am surprised they havent capitalized on a Luke Stormtrooper repack yet.
    I am still hoping we get a Luke Endor at some point with Bib Fortuna. I dont know if we will get Sim Aloo and the like. Ever.
    ANH R2 and Chewie are two steps closer to completing the original 12 so I'm guessing that's why Hasbro chose to re-pack them. Good for the carded collectors but I'm personally not excited about seeing another Chewie and R2.

    There are rumours that a TVC Stormtrooper Luke is on the way. JTA hinted a while back that Sim Aloo and The Emperor are coming.

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    Why another re release of Chewbacca and R2?

    By now for years we all have R2 figures since Saga Collection and various series. As for open mouth Chewbacca i already have the one from the Black Series line from a couple of years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaberSonic83 View Post
    The only way this figure is even worthwhile is if he is packed to the gills with accessories. I'm sick of TVC figures getting the total shaft on accessories. We pay $13 for a freaking droid that we can still buy in other formats, for less! This is simply the same one in the 5POA 2 pack with 3PO as someone stated previously. That 2 pack is pretty darn awesome. I'm actually curious if this R2 will still have a Force Link chip in it. Might be cheaper just to keep making it the way it is and not cost effective for Hasbro.
    here's the thing though...Hasbro has to charge TVC prices on this R2 to remove the Force link chip now

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    R2 rerelease is a polarising one. First off you have to be a carded collector to be interested at all, and even if that’s the case a lot of buyers still won’t be interested. So it’s easy to see why a lot of people are not impressed. Personally I can’t wait, I’d love an ANH carded R2. Bring it on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idpullthecurtain View Post
    R2 rerelease is a polarising one. First off you have to be a carded collector to be interested at all, and even if thatís the case a lot of buyers still wonít be interested. So itís easy to see why a lot of people are not impressed. Personally I canít wait, Iíd love an ANH carded R2. Bring it on.
    Well, thereís also a segment of collectors who might not have an R2, as well. I can only imagine that percentage of people on these boards is close to zero, but Iím always surprised by collectors who donít interact or even know about forums.

    Iím not mad about R2 being repacked. He and Chewie wonít warm pegs. Iím just disappointed they felt like it would be enough of a cool reveal to be the only thing they revealed.
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    I'm not sure what to think. I'm happy enough for carded collectors (which I am not) and having an R2 out there isn't a bad idea. However, if it's just a repack of the TLJ one, then it's a cheap move on Hasbro's part. Now, if it has some nice accessories with it (an I doubt it will), then it might make the figure more interesting. I guess it's easier for them to repack an R2 on a TVC card and let it sit longer than some obscure cantina alien, although I'd prefer the cantina alien because I have enough R2s.
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    For the record, assuming there's something new about this R2, it'll be the 46th different R2-D2 produced for the 4" line (which includes Disney's line).

    Hopefully it's more than Hasbro's BAD mold. They literally just put that out, even if it's an online-only 2-pack.
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    Back door huh? Good idea.

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    I'm not sure how they can pack an $8 figure into a $13 "premium" line (as they call it). I suppose we'll see how collectors respond when the figure is on pegs. R2 is a popular character, but collectors have enough of the droid, and what kid, parent, or gift giver is going to spend that much on a tiny figure? The same goes for a repack like Revan, that's a $7-8 figure, and with no retooling, I'm not sure how it falls into the category of a premium figure release. The collectors that begged Hasbro to bring this line back should hold them accountable, and discuss these issues at the various cons they're making these reveals at...

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