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Thread: Chewbacca - #VC141

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    Chewbacca - #VC141

    Repacked Chewbacca at Paris Comic Con. Looks okay.
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    Just realised that Chewie and R2 bring us two figures closer to completing the first 12 on Star Wars cards. That could be why they're re-packing those two.

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    I always loved the card backs to these 2 back in the day.

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    I’m actually interested in this one. I don’t currently own the votc mold and I really like the head sculpt.
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    I already have open mouth Chewbacca figure when it was released for the Black Series line a couple of years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayson View Post
    UK isn't getting traditional case assortments. They get full cases of each figure.
    Any ideas what the US case breakdown will be? Or still too early

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    Any ideas what the US case breakdown will be? Or still too early
    don't know yet but soon.

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    I think it’s unfortunate for carded collectors who have been waiting for this figure on this cardback for some time. However, the opener inside of me can appreciate another ROTJ Chewy to purchase at retail to attach a chain to for a Jabba’s Palace Chewy, or maybe a gas mask for the Mynock scene from ESB. Either way, I can always find a good use for repacks.

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