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Thread: Chewbacca - #VC141

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    Chewbacca - #VC141

    Repacked Chewbacca at Paris Comic Con. Looks okay.
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    Just realised that Chewie and R2 bring us two figures closer to completing the first 12 on Star Wars cards. That could be why they're re-packing those two.

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    I always loved the card backs to these 2 back in the day.

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    I’m actually interested in this one. I don’t currently own the votc mold and I really like the head sculpt.
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    I already have open mouth Chewbacca figure when it was released for the Black Series line a couple of years ago

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    If it was a SA version of a SOLO Chewie, sure cool fine - but not another re-release crap.

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    Same here. Though I guess one could remove that bandolier and head sculpt, and simply put it on this repack figure?
    I've considered it, just to get an SA Solo version.
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    I like this body and I can see buying some more of these for custom wookiees.

    I would like to see how the head comes off.

    It's hard to believe that this body is from 2004.

    I would also like to see them take this body and make Zaalbar or Hanharr from KOTOR1&2. This body always reminded me of them. :{
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