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Thread: Need some help

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    Need some help

    Ok, I've been trying to draw a picture and have been failing miserably. The pic is based on the Mary Jane variant cover of Venom #151, namely I've been trying to draw the spider symbol on her chest. A straight on shot of the symbol as opposed to the angle it's at. I've searched all over looking for another angle or a straight shot. Heck I even contacted the artist that did the cover but he was unwilling to help.

    So, I'm turning here in hopes someone either knows where I can find the pic or would be kind enough to draw it (digitally).

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    not sure if these help:

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    The second one is the pic I'm talking about. I mean, I've found a few others that are close and might be able to mod or do a collage of. *shrugs*

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    I liked venom BEFORE he was all "tongue and teeth" ....

    ... but 90% of all depictions nowadays focus on the wrong aspects of his design (IMO).

    the exaggerated tongue and teeth (which most accept as the definitive traits of his design) were NOT EVEN PRESENT in his first iterations.

    as an OG_Fan I always found the tongue/teeth to be patently ridiculous. IMO.

    as an artist doing your own version(s) I would suggest maybe you could tone that part back a bit, and go back to the original source material.

    just a fan, giving feedback. cheers.
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