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    That's what Rune wants to know.

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    Man, I can't wait to pick up several of these for some custom paint schemes.
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    Totally down for some Battle Droids. With them and Grievous I can now do some battles with my clones.
    Next trooper reveal should be a customizable Endor Commando though. Give us more troops Hasbro!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooshmeister View Post
    That's what Rune wants to know.

    I feel like these would end up being deluxe figures at $29.99 and exclusive to Target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agen_Kolar View Post
    I feel like these would end up being deluxe figures at $29.99 and exclusive to Target.
    Hasbro is making Deluxe $29.99 figures part of the regular line now too (released to all stores). General Grevious will be the first release, so it's possible Droidekas could see a general release too.

    I think the $29.99 price point was a market test, and that is why it was exclusive at first. The Black Series team has stated that they often like to test things with Exclusives. Their latest test will be the triangle figure stand that will be released with Exclusives. If people like them, they may be released with mainline figures too in the future.

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    Triangle figure stand? Who came with that?

    What about the stand that came with the battle-damaged Stormtrooper? It has a tab to link to others of its same style. I really thought that might be a candidate for a stand going forward.

    There is no excuse for not supplying stands---and ones that FIT THE PEG-HOLES of whatever particular figure we are buying, since there are different "gauges,"....just no excuse. I don' t care if it costs them 2 cents more for the plastic. We should be getting them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samtheq View Post
    Triangle figure stand? Who came with that?

    It hasn't come out yet. It's coming with the Rocket Trooper Exclusive. It may be coming with others as well, but that was the one it was announced with.

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    I'm looking forward to the Battle Droid. I'm not sure how many I'll need, so I hope they're easy to come by. I'd hate it if they're one per case and then never released again (we gotta make room for more Jyn Erso and Kylo Red re-releases).

  9. #29 is reporting wave breakdown, and he's 2 per case! I hope they end up doing solid cases too...

    2x Padmé Amidala
    2x Battle Droid
    1x Mace Windu
    1x Vice Admiral Holdo
    1x Han Solo (Mudtrooper)
    1x Dryden Vos

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