"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge." ...


These items don't come up for sale often, especially as a lot! This is your chance to get a FULL Darth Maul ensemble to wear or display.

This is the amazing bust sculpted by Cyberman and painted by Bjorn from the RPF. I added the accurate earring. No need to go on and on, this bust speaks for itself. Simply the best out there, and this one is aces.

Pepsi produced a statue to market TPM. This statue came wearing a surprisingly accurate costume thought to be the best representation of the screen used costume worn by Ray Park that you can find. These are getting harder and harder to find as the years go on. I have one FULL set that I'm offering here, and another partial set that I'll offer in the near future. My 1:1 Maul statue was about 5'10" and this costume fit that perfectly. I'm wearing the costume for the pics and I'm 6'2" and 175lbs. This set includes the following...

Pants: Pretty basic. They have a elastic waistband.

Inner Tunic: Attaches with a velcro in the front.

Outer Tunic: This is a really well made piece. It has the proper cut and fit with the two tabards hanging down the front.

Belt: This is a really nice belt. It includes the "Covertec" lightsaber clip. It uses velcro to attach securely in the back. It has the piece of cloth hanging down from the front of the belt that has a really nice texture.

Gloves: I've looked high and low for accurate Maul gloves over the years and never really found anything. To my knowledge these are the gloves that came with the Pepsi Maul set. They are spot on.

Lightsaber: I believe this is the plastic lightsaber that came with the Pepsi Maul statue. Someone cut the "blades" off, see pics. This is a good "close enough" saber to carry around (it's very lightweight) or you can hang it from his belt for display. You can always add a more accurate saber made out of metal later if you like, but this is nice to have as a cheaper option.

The Pepsi Maul statue didn't come with the outer robe. But without it you just don't get that classic ****** "hood up" Maul look! This robe was custom made by a RPF member several years ago. He sourced the accurate material that has a great feel to it and is very heavy. The robe has the pleats and the hood is terrific. It's just really well made to my eye and I'm very picky. This is not some cheaply made robe from overseas. The robe measures 58" from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the robe. I'm not a fashion expert but I think this would fit someone 5'7" to about 6'+. It could also be hemmed by a tailor to the desired length.

These are the super rare Frank Thomas Titan 101 boots. USA size is 9. These boots are in really nice shape. To my eye they have been worn, but that just gives them a little character. They have no major scuffs or marks.

I've had this costume for years and I'd love to see it go to a good home.

** It's my understanding that these costume elements would fall into the highest category of 501st approval.

Buyer pays shipping. This will be packed securely and with the utmost care.