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Thread: Modular sci-fi city playset

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    Modular sci-fi city playset

    I always loved big Sci-Fi cities like Coruscant, the city from the 5th element or the Rotgut station.
    But because there´s no more space my house it had to be modular, like all of my recent customs.

    So I came up with a lego-like system, floors with a matrix on it and buildings and that fit into this system.

    So here are the basic elements:

    Here are all elements together, a big city:

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    Here is a smaller one, made from fewer elements:

    And here an imperial landing platform, made from the grey elements:

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    Looks awesome! You can tell that a lot of thought and planning went into this. Gonna do any more variations of buildings?

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    These look great. I love that blue one with the corner window. The landing complex is epic!

    This makes me want to buy a bunch of plywood.

    Again, just epic stuff man. :{J
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    This is really cool. I really like how well you planned it and the possibilities are endless as to how you set up the city. Also, with the support pieces, they can be used as landing towers or supports to add play space underneath the city. I like that a lot.
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    Awesome job!
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    That looks great!

    Sometimes I wish someone would do 1:18 scale diorama buildings similar to what you did. I'm thinking something similar to a lot of the N scale buildings they make for model railroad. It's kind of a kit. You get all the panels and pieces and you simply glue it together. I've also seen some nice papercraft ones made from sturdy material like super thick card stock material. They look pretty nice. Since you do the assembly yourself they are also reasonably priced.
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    Thanks to all!

    @Deathspawn9000: yes, that´s the plan, most of my future buildings will fit into this system

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    Wow. Very nice. Love the modular nature of these components so you can reconfigure them.

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    Fantastic idea & well-executed planning. Looks great!

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