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Thread: How to identify vintage (78-85) Millennium Falcon

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    How to identify vintage (78-85) Millennium Falcon

    I recently found an older version of the MF at a Rummage sale, but could not find any markings on the bottom that indicated year or manufacturer. Can anyone tell me if all of the original Kenner Falcons have a date and manufacture stamp on them? Is it only the older Hasbro models that did away with that identifier?

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    It'll be stamped Kenner 1979 on the bottom. Later Falcons used the same mold however so just be careful and do your research. They're easy to ID, post a picture, we can quickly tell you. I haven't seen the bottom of the Falcon from the Vintage Collection, but if it's like the Imperial Shuttle they used the same molds as the did for the original kenner run and those say 1984 on the bottom.

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    Kenner era 1979 to 1983 will all have the 1979 date stamp because the same mold was used over the years. When the line came back in 1995, Hasbro retooled the mold to include light up laser guns on the mandibles. It's cast in a gray plastic and has heavy weathering around the vent ports on the top cover. It's also painted with a lot of reddish deco, and the mandibles have a darker gray shading. The date was also changed to 1995. And if memory serves, it *might* say Tonka Corp. instead of Kenner.

    The mold was retooled again in 2004 adding lights to the back of the ship, which replaced the classic sticker engines. That ship is cast in a slightly lighter gray than the 1995, and does not have quite as much weathering. They also added a missile launcher to the space between the mandibles. The date was also changed to 2004. They repacked this version in 2005 with ROTS packaging.

    They are all very similar, of course, as they share the same mold. Several of the parts are interchangeable, but there are noticeable differences between them. Mainly color of the ramp struts, chess table, radar dish and canopy cover. It should also be noted that nothing after the original Kenner line has included a training ball.

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    thanks for the replies--very helpful. The dark gray coloring and reddish details did stand out on the one i saw, so i had my doubts from the start. The date stamp was the final check.

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