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Thread: Action Fleet Republic Dropship with AT-TE

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    Action Fleet Republic Dropship with AT-TE

    For this custom, I chose SW/Transformers Republic Gunship as base as it was slightly larger than Action Fleet version.

    First, I converted the dual cockpit into single cockpit for the dropship. I repositioned the seat to fit the Clone Pilot.

    Next, I shortened the engines but kept the "missile" function, removed all the laser cannon pods and added the pipings and other features as seen on the dropship.

    Finally, I custom the magnetic clamp arms underneath the wings. The AT-TE used on this dropship is from F-Toys. Added magnets on its side for lifting purposes.

    For the stand, it can be displayed standalone on an Action Fleet stand or with AT-TE underneath plus a custom AF stand.

    The Clone Pilot figure is from the SW/Transformers toy itself.

    Here's a comparison photo next to AF Republic Gunship

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    Superb. What a clever and well-articulated custom! The magnets to hold the walker are a delightful stroke of genius that kick it up another notch, too. Inspiring work, Its!

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    It looks great! You did this often overlooked ship justice.

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    Great build indeed!

    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    A superb bit of work
    formerly Boris :shame:

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    Thanks for the kind words.

    I think only two companies made this Dropship.... Tomy Japan and Lego. It'll be huge if Hasbro made one for 3 3/4 figs and attached to its AT-TE.

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