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    Quote Originally Posted by VideoViper View Post
    Little background on this...

    Netflix helped finance these shows, so there is little chance of them going to Disney's streaming service, unless Disney outright buys them out. Which I do not see happening if these shows don't have the viewership.

    One major problem in the Netflix/streaming model, is that people know these shows are available for a long time on the service so there isn't always a need to see it now, (Unless you are someone with the time to spare.) Unlike movies that may be removed in a month or 2 depending on streaming rights.

    My bet is that Daredevil Punisher & maybe another property will continue onwards via Netflix.

    On a separate but related note: Netflix owes a lot of cash so it is possible Netflix as we know it won't be around as long as we think.
    I've heard rumblings that Netflix is on thin ice. I would think Disney doesn't actually want Netflix to go under though. Competition is usually a good thing to push new ideas and innovations. Maybe not with streaming?

    I also would think that we'll see something else with these characters before it's all said and done. If the characters are done being on Netflix, they'll get rebooted for sure... which I could be on board with. I enjoyed the shows, but could easily see the whole group of characters done a totally different way. Daredevil is the only one that really hit all the right buttons.
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    I don't think the "Streaming" services have hit the large mainstream audiences quite yet in the numbers needed to bring in the necessary revenue to sustain. Netflix has probably gone the farthest in tapping the market. 30 years ago about all you had was TV, now the various mediums have split up the mainstream audience, every "Service" trying to maintain their share. In this instance I don't fell the parts are equaling the whole. Younger, older, male, female... it' all needed to maintain long term. Each service seems to want to go after their "Target" audience, to find the smaller parts aren't quite enough. It's coming, but not quite there yet. I'm all for it.. anything to break the stranglehold the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) have had for decades.
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    Just finished watching the excellent DD S03. Incredible. This is not only my favorite season of DD, but also my favorite season of any Netflix Marvel super-hero show, period. Truly sublime. Note there are serious SPOILERS below - I don't know how to insert spoiler tags on here, so please stop reading if you haven't seen S03 yet and want to be surprised:

    As a huge fan of Frank Miller’s DD comics in the ‘80’s (both his work as artist/writer & just as writer on the later “Born Again” series), I really liked how they brought in various elements from both “Born Again” and FM’s other DD comics (Kingpin finding out Matt's secret identity; Kingpin's goons locking Matt in a car - running it into the water - and Matt escaping; Bullseye getting his back broken; Matt’s long-lost mother being a Nun that helps take care of him as he’s recovering from injuries; a physical confrontation between Matt & Fisk; etc.) – but at the same time changed everything around to a great extent so that you were kept guessing until the very end.

    -As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about this show, the casting in this Netflix DD show is excellent; all of these roles were spot-on. Initially I felt that they should have gotten an actor with red hair for the Matt Murdock role – but, Charlie Cox personifies the character so well that it doesn’t matter. I.e., for the most part, he definitely looks like Matt from the comic – especially in a suit w/the dark glasses, etc. Foggy & Karen are great casting as well. However, Vincent D. as Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin truly nails this role completely – superb.

    -Very impressed with the long, extended fight scene between Matt & the criminals in the prison; this was obviously one continuous shot from beginning to end – well-done.

    -In the comics, Bullseye was an almost nameless assassin that was part of DD’s “Rouge Gallery”. Miller didn’t create the character, but definitely made him more ruthless than he had been previously. You never found out much about the character's background whatsoever. However, in this Netflix series, the character of Poindexter (who was never referred to as Bullseye – yet) was humanized to a great extent re: his terrible childhood/absence of parents, etc. That being said, the character was obviously a psychopath from Day 1, as evidenced by his flash-backs and the taped interviews (as a child) to the psychiatrist. And, Matt also grew up without parental guidance (his Mother left him, and his father was killed while Matt was a kid) – but ended up fighting for good, instead of evil. So, as in the comics, Bullseye & Daredevil are almost two sides of the same coin.

    I also liked how they kept Bullseye's ability to determine the trajectory/balance/weight of the items he threw so they would hit their targets, either directly or indirectly because of ricochet, etc.; and, also his ability to use every-day, seemingly harmless objects as weapons. This was spot-on re: the way the character's skills were depicted in the comics - well-done!

    -The scene when Ray Nadeem’s female boss suddenly & viciously killed that other agent (at her kitchen table) was shocking & not something I saw coming; seeing Fisk’s “spokesman” Felix Manning come out from nowhere & explain how they were going to frame Nadeem (if he didn’t do what they wanted/asked) showed how far-reaching Fisk’s influence went – very disturbing.

    -Nice to see Annabelle Sciorra as mob boss Rosalie Carbone. She's a great NY-based?! actress, and has been in a lot of movies/TV shows over the year; my favorite previous role of hers was in The Sopranos.

    -Interesting & tragic to see Karen’s tragic past as a drug addict in New England, who was still trying to keep everything together re: working in the family business. The sequence when her brother died tragically in an accident (while she was driving under the influence) was quite hard to watch. This was turned around & modified from the “Born Again” series – in there, Page ended up in a downward spiral (and ended up becoming an addict, and worse) after she quit working with Foggy & Matt.

    -I liked how Fisk was eventually referred to as The Kingpin (for the first time on the series) by all of the agents he had control over. Also dug the scene when he had rows of identical & numerous white suits in his closet; this kept in line with the character in the comics – who was almost always wearing the same white suit.

    - I thought it was clever how Matt “used” Bullseye to help him fight the Kingpin in the last sequence. I.e., he told Bullseye the truth about the Kingpin killing the woman he liked, so Bullseye would turn against Fisk. Though he still had to fight both Fisk & Bullseye in the final showdown (in Fisk’s luxurious hotel room), obviously Matt couldn’t have brought down Fisk without Bullseye’s “help”.

    -The last scene of Poindexter/Bullseye's back being operated on was very telling; obviously the character will come back in a future season with a new skeletal structure - almost certainly new & improved. That’s what happens in the comics, so I suspect they will do something similar in the series.
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