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Thread: Ford Send-In

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    Ford Send-In

    Just got the email from Coolwaters--apparently the wait is over.

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    Yeah but how much does it cost and how many years will we wait to get them back?
    If you have info please link me
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    Feedback thread is here

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    This is the extent of the email:

    The wait is over fans! KLF Sports and Coolwaters Productions LLC are proud to announce that Mr. Harrison Ford has agreed to an exclusive send-in opportunity! This is a once in a lifetime chance to have your personal items from your collection signed by the Hollywood Icon! More details will follow in the next few weeks, so be on the look out for more news on this rare send-in!
    I'm not familiar with Coolwaters or KLF signings ever taking an extraordinary amount of time from the deadline to return, let alone years, but you now have all the information I do.

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    $1000 minimum id guess. I need him on my poster then im done with autographs im just hoping it is limited to 1 per customer because there will be a lot of people going for this. I think everyone who wants at least 1 item should get one. Then any mulitple orders open up for people.

    My worry is at it will be VERY limited.
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    I'd be surprised if it's any less than $1000.

    Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if it's $1500 or $2000.

    They're offering him something to get him to change his mind. If it's not the money, then there's going to be a catch somewhere along the line.

    If it wasn't Maki, I'd say it doesn't pass the sniff test (we've seen that before--at least twice, to my recollection). But with Maki on board, it's legit.

    I'm really curious about the "how", but I assume that'll reveal itself once we learn the "what".

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    Wow, it’s finally happening.

    I haven’t spent any money on Ford graphs yet because I’ve been holding out hope for something like this. Definitely a can’t miss opportunity regardless of price (I’m willing to go broke for this!). I just hope the extra charge for rolled posters is reasonable. I have an ESB poster that has all the main people except Ford, GL, Oz, and Jones. Just getting Ford out of those 4 would make me content for life.

    I only dealt with a coolwaters send in once and had no problems. It was that same ESB for a Billy Dee send in years ago.
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    Same here. Have a poster I bought from someone here about 4 years ago. Has almost all the principal actors except Ford. This could complete it for me.

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    Be patient and answers will be found in the SWAU:

    I would also suggest watching the announcement video:

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    CWP is awesome, and so is Derek.

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    I'll wait for the price but I don't know whixh option to xhoose :
    A big "ultimate" picture of Han Solo or a multi to complete at Celebration Chicago with Hamill and Mayhew...
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