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Thread: Custom modular transportable Sci-Fi walls

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    Custom modular transportable Sci-Fi walls

    We all know the problem; the new figure has just been plucked from the card or the vintage toy arrived with the post, but you can´t get the self-built playset with its 5 kilos from the attic or the even bigger diorama out of the basement, so you´ve got nothing to show your figures or even play with them!

    Or you´re on holiday and have found the best figures ever, but of course there is no playset available.

    That's why I designed these modular transportable scifi walls, you can put them together and combine them in any way, and you can easily transport them.

    I´ve made six until now, for the future I´m planning some more, the next ones being Tatooine-based.

    The coolest thing would be an affordable 3D scanner and printer, then I could reproduce these things and build huge cities...

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    Wow! Those are perfect. And the shape is so simple it could be modeled and printed with ease.

    The only thing I'd change is the door heights. Your paint apps are great too. :{J
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    Really nice diorama parts here. They look great and fit perfectly with the figures and are great for creating some cool scenes while needing so little space. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thank you very much guys!!

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    Fantastic! Love the 'Mummy' homage with Aphra.

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    Here´s the next one, Tatooine:

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    These Tatooine ones are great additions. :{J
    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

    If you need anything 3d Printed PM me. :{J

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    All of those are way cool! I would have taken these camping with me when I was a kid.

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