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Thread: My MR Falcon FINALLY Displayed!!

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    Only the best things. I think the place and the layout looks good!
    New displays and presentation ideas..........

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    Room and collection look great!
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    Display nice ! Wow they fill up a room.
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    Thanks guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by GOLDCYLON View Post
    Display nice ! Wow they fill up a room.
    They definitely do fill up a room. Their size also makes it hard to find furniture to properly display them. It took me over a month of off-and-on searching to find something that they would be able to sit properly on and that my wife would approve of. She's not a huge fan of the glass table that the MR Falcon is sitting on but there isn't much out there that would fit the bill, so she's kind of ok with it (for now).

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    I am not complaining but I had to crave out my own space, Den, man cave whatever you want to call it. Household6 would never allow those in the rest of the house lol. So if she's good with it awesome !
    Avid SCI-FI collector, Props etc

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    Great pieces. An enviable collection and very well displayed

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    Looks great and the lighting really good in that room!

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    Grats, makes me think of acquiring one myself But first I need to have all the sabers.
    Very nice and clean setup, I like it but agree on giving each of them more space on its own.
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